Concord, NH, October 5, 2018–  The DOVE Project, or Domestic Violence Emergency Project, is a program that provides victims of domestic violence and stalking with emergency legal services. A successful seminar was run at the NH Bar Center yesterday where attorneys were trained to handle DOVE cases. The Seminar helped prepare attorneys to take on protective order cases. Nearly 90% of domestic violence victims seeking a protective order do so without legal counsel, facing their abusers, who typically have an attorney in court. The primary goal of the DOVE Project is to facilitate representation for these individuals by attorneys who handle cases at no charge, and volunteer their time to Pro Bono.

The Seminar included collaborative efforts and an interactive panel of first responders and civil attorneys, a Mock Final Protective Order Hearing demonstration, and training by the Hon. Charles L. Greenhalgh, who has participated in the DOVE Project since its inception. Judge Greenhalgh encouraged attorneys to take on DOVE Cases and spoke about their importance.

He said, “Even if you only take one case, you can make a difference. Do it once, and I guarantee you’ll do it again.”