New Options for Representation —
Unbundling of Legal Services

What is the scoop on New Hampshire’s limited scope (unbundled) legal services rules? They present a win-win situation for attorneys and the public alike by offering more options in the delivery of legal services. These court and professional conduct rules permit attorneys to handle part of a case, such as drafting a motion, reviewing an agreement or attending one specific hearing, rather than the entire matter. They give attorneys the opportunity to expand or focus a practice, attract new paying clients or other lower-income clients with discrete tasks. For the public, the unbundled rules allow more consumer choice and offer more affordable options for legal services.

For opportunities to provide limited scope services, consider signing up with the Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service by contacting Sheila Vermacy at 603-224-6942.

♦  Limited Appearance Form
  Client Consent  Form
Online CLE
♦  Limited Scope Representation
2.0 Total NHMCLE Credits
Presented through our online partnership with the State Bar of Arizona, please watch this program if you are considering limited scope representation for clients who would otherwise go without counsel.♦  The New Unbundling Rules (Limited Representation)
An online NHBA-CLE that will help you learn how to offer limited representation services efficiently and ethically. Please note: This self-study resource is not for NHMCLE credit.

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