The NH Bar Association (NHBA) is committed to deliver Beyond High School books to the NH Class of 2020!

Though you may immediately download the NHBA’s Beyond High School book from our website, you may wish to also own a bound copy.  If so, please complete the form below to receive notice when the FREE bound copy of NHBA’s Beyond High School book is delivered to your high school.  At this time no deliveries are being made to schools due to COVID-19 regulations.  Once it is safe for the NH Bar Center to reopen and schools to receive the Beyond High School books, deliveries will begin.  By entering the information below, you will receive notice from the NH Bar Association when books have been delivered to your school.

Welcome to Adulthood

This guide provides students with basic information on their legal rights and responsibilities when they reach the age of 18 and are considered adults. Teachers and school administrators, please request a presentation for your senior class with a volunteer attorney. New topics include:

  • Protected Speech
  • Tape Recording
  • Your Rights in Private School
  • Unions
  • Consent

Download a free digital version of Beyond High School.

Excerpt from book:

In New Hampshire, when you turn 18, you have the right to vote in elections, unless you are currently incarcerated for a felony.  In some states, like Maine and Vermont, people who are convicted of felonies do not lose their right to vote. Even if you have the right to vote, however, you must take additional steps to exercise this right.”

A Note from the Author

“Students graduating from high school have unlimited opportunities.  Beyond High School will help these students understand not only their legal responsibilities, but also inspire them to pursue rights they now enjoy, such as voting or running for an elected office.  In addition, Beyond High School explains a person’s rights when facing new experiences after high school, such as renting an apartment, marrying, credit, or in searching for employment.  There is also information on higher education and financial aid.  While this book is distributed to graduating high school students, it is a great resource for anybody who wants to understand their basic rights and responsibilities and learn how and where they can obtain more information.” –Attorney Jennifer A. Eber practices at Orr & Reno, P.A.

A Message from the NH Bar Association Past President

The NH Bar Association is committed to law related education and not just for lawyers. It is essential to an orderly and engaged society that all citizens understand their basic legal rights and responsibilities. “Beyond High School” is a terrific publication that provides high school students – an especially important audience – with this fundamental information. I am pleased by the collaborative effort that went into this edition, but without NH Attorney, Jennifer A. Eber, and NH Bar Association Law Related Education Coordinator, Robin E. Knippers, “Beyond High School” would never make it to print.

~Attorney David W. McGrath, President, NH Bar Association 2018-2019

2nd Edition Book Publishing 

I have completely enjoyed the collaborative effort of working together with the author, Atty. Jennifer A. Eber, NHBA President, Atty. Dave McGrath and Atty. Richard Guerriero, with guidance from NHBA Executive Director, George R. Moore, Esq., on this 2nd Edition of the Beyond High School book. It is exciting to complete the publishing process and move toward reaching every High School Senior in NH with a copy of the book. I cannot thank each person involved in the process, including Bar Association staff, enough for all the help that goes into an initiative such as this one. Thank you to each of you!

Robin E. Knippers, Law Related Education Coordinator

Students Viewing Their Published Artwork in 2018

Beyond High School: Printing and Folding

Published with support from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation’s Advancement of Justice Fund & Frederic K. Upton Fund.