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Volunteer attorneys have assisted in the civic education of NH citizens through the Bar Association’s Law Related Education programs for seven decades. The NH Bar Association is committed to improving civics instruction in schools through its Law Related Education programming. Students need civics and social studies instruction to better prepare them for participation as citizens. Programs include:

  • curriculum and lesson plans
  • resources and guides such as Beyond High School: A Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities
  • teacher training
  • adult education programs
We the People

Bring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights alive in your classroom with this nationally acclaimed program.  For grades 4-12.

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Project Citizen

Project Citizen promotes competent and responsible participation in state and local government.  Program for Grades 5-12.

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A Lawyer & Judge in Every School

The NHBA’s A Lawyer and Judge In Every School program pairs attorneys and judges with classrooms statewide to explore concepts of law, rights and responsibilities of citizenship. For grades K-12.

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Beyond High School

Beyond High School: A Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities provides students with basic information on their legal rights and responsibilities when they reach the age of 18 and are considered adults.

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When Love Hurts

The NHBA’s When Love Hurts: Rights, Responsibilities, Realities program educates students about the warning signs and consequences of dating violence and where they can find help. For students grades 8 – 12.

When Love Hurts: Rights, Responsibilities, Realities

Civics In Action

Do students know enough about their government to pass the citizenship test? A guest attorney  presents Civics in Action to your classroom introducing students to their role as citizens and increasing their knowledge of the US Constitution. For students grades 5- 12.

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