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We the People: Project Citizen promotes competent and responsible participation in state and local government. It actively engages students in learning how to monitor and influence public policy and encourages civic participation among students, their parents, and members of the community.

As a class project, students work together to identify and study a public policy issue, eventually developing an action plan to engage support for their policy proposal. The final product is a portfolio displaying each group’s work.

In a culminating activity, the class presents its portfolio in a simulated legislative hearing, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of how public policy is formulated. Teachers are encouraged to hold hearings in the classroom or community setting.

  • Project Citizen is practiced in 65 Countries around the world!
  • The Project Citizen curriculum includes Biology, Science, Math, Art, English and Social Studies to bring real-life applications to the classroom.
  •   In this unique program, teachers step out of lecture-mode and become facilitators to self-directed learning.

Project Citizen Correlates Well With Common Core  Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies

Project Citizen Assists In Meeting the NH Curriculum Frameworks For Social Studies

Want to bring the Project Citizen Program to your classroom? Check out a Teacher Training Session.


If you are interested in using this program in the classroom, please e-mail Law Related Education Coordinator, Robin E. Knippers for curriculum materials, or call her at 603-715-3259.

Project Citizen Information & Resources

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Project Citizen Textbooks

Project Citizen – Level 1
(Suggested grades 5-8)
$350 plus S&H
Project Citizen High School bookProject Citizen – Level 2
(Suggested grades 9-12+)
$345 plus S&H
Proyecto Ciudadano
Spanish version of Level 1
$263 plus S&H

Additional information can be found on the Center for Civic Education website.