This seventh edition of TRAPS FOR THE UNWARY is an attempt by the New Lawyers
Committee of the New Hampshire Bar Association to identify some of the “traps” into which both new and experienced lawyers may fall. Some of the areas of the law  covered include:

  • Alcohol
  • Family Law
  • Landlord / Tenant, and more…

Traps for the Unwary also attempts to help members navigate the practice of law in New Hampshire. Topic covered include:

  • Appeals
  • Ethics
  • Probate, and more!

Discover what Traps for the Unwary has to offer you today!

Did you know that  Traps for the Unwary has it’s own CLE Series? Each month discrete topics are covered in 60 minute CLEs. Topics include:

Land Lord Tennent
Worker’ Compensation
Probate Administration & Litigation
And much more…

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