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Fall 2015 • Vol. 55, No. 2 • General Issue

Bar Journal Archives

Fall 2014 • Vol. 55, No. 1 • Arts & the Law

Fall 2014 - Volume 55, Number 1 - Arts & the Law

  • Making a Place for Art: Melissa Anne Miller
  • Fashion Design & IP By Leigh Willey
  • Artists in the Law: Haden Gerrish, Lynne Sabean, Paul Durham
  • Protection for New Hampshire’s Art Market: Revision of RSA 352 to Reflect Market Reality By Amanda Nelson and Peter McGovern
  • Employing Creativity: Art, Law, and the Employment Relationship By Tawny L. Alvarez
  • Copyright Protection: from Monkey Selfies to Cezanne By Kimberly Peaslee
  • Matter of Skirball Cultural Center: USCIS Dabbles in the Arts By Lorne M. Fienberg
Spring / Summer 2014 • Vol. 54, No. 3 • Health Law

Bar Journal - Volume 54, Number 3 - Health Law

  • HIPAA One Year Later: Is Your Law Firm Complying? By Charla Bizios Stevens and Hannah E. Zaitlin
  • Exposing the “DIRTY LITTLE SECRET”: Random Drug Testing of Health Care Workers in the Wake of the Hepatitis C Outbreak By Mark A. Abramson, Jared R. Green
    & Lindsey B. Gray
  • ABANDONED EMBRYOS: The Dilemma of Eternal Storage By Catherine Tucker
  • A STRATEGIC MOVE: Relocating a Trust from Massachusetts to NH By Joseph F. McDonald, III
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff
Fall 2013 / Winter 2014 • Vol. 54, No. 2 • Insurance Law

NH Bar Journal - Volume 54, Number 2 - Insurance Law

  • ERISA: US Airways v. McCutchen: When Is It Appropriate for a Plan to Take it All? By Francis G. Murphy
  • Child Hit by Drunk Driver on Street is an Occupant of his School Bus for Underinsured Motorist Coverage Purposes By Heather V. Menezes
  • The Supreme Court’s Dichiara Decision – Expanding Municipal Immunity With Troubling Implications for Victims of Municipal Torts and Municipal Employees By Jason R.L. Major
  • History of Involuntary Commitment Statute in New Hampshire By Dr. Alexander de Nesnera and Hannah Baldwin
  • Rollinsford Revisited: The Sacred and Profane Memories of Chief Justice Charles Doe By Jay Surdukowski
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff
Winter 2013 • Vol. 53, No. 4 • Education Issue

NH Bar Journal - Volume 53, Number 4 - Education Issue

  • Mandatory Reporting Laws & Schools: Making Sense Out of Disorder
  • The Emergence and Evolution of Faculty Unionism By Nicholas DiGiovanni, Jr.
  • The Demise of Residency in Public Education By Sarah Browning, J.D. and Lynda Thistle-Elliott, Ed.D.
  • School Suspensions: Do You Know How Many Children Are Suspended in New Hampshire? Should You Care? By Michael Chamberlain
  • Claremont Redux By Eugene M. Van Loan, III
  • Avoiding Claremont: Considering Yet Another Consitutional Amendment By Andru Volinsky
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff
Fall 2012 • Vol. 53, No. 3 • Game Changers

NH Bar Journal - Volume 53, Number 3 - Game Changers

  • The Early Offer Alternative in Medical Malpractice Litigation: A Statutory Trap to Limit Liability By Holly B. Haines with contributions by William D. Woodbury
  • The Invention of the New Hampshire Super PAC By Jay Surdukowski
  • The Minefield of Threats in Litigation By William C. Saturley and Beth H. Kissinger
  • New Hampshire Creditor Protection Trusts: A Brief Practical Guide for New Hampshire Lawyers By David K. Mulhern and David P. Lyons
  • Narrow Banking: A Structural Solution to the Banking Crisis
  • Confrontation v. Hearsay: Crawford v. Washington and its Progeny By Sam Silverman
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff
Summer 2012 • Vol. 53, No. 2 • Family Law

NH Bar Journal - Volume 53, Number 2 - Family Law

  • Family Division Update: Q&A with Circuit Court Administrative Judge Edwin W. Kelly By Margaret R. Kerouac
  • Compromising the Best Interests of New Hampshire’s Children: The Failure to Fund Guardians ad Litem for Children Living in Poverty
  • How to Try a Case Without a Guardian ad Litem – When You Really Need One By Attorney Deborah Kane Rein,
    Esther Kane Dickinson and Gregory L. Silverman
  • Divorce in the Trenches By Anna Goulet Zimmerman
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice By Jane M. Schirch, Lisa B. Forberg, Karen Ela Kenny, W. John Dulmage
  • Protecting a Domestic Abuse Victim’s Privileged Counseling Communications in Family Law Cases By Attorneys Mary Krueger and Dennis Labbe
  • Joint Retention of Financial Experts in Divorce By Heidi Walker
  • The Intersection of the Mandatory Initial Self Disclosure Rule with Disclosure of Interests in Trusts and/or Inheritances By Karen J. Levitt
  • Germany and the White Rose By Hon. John M. Lewis
Spring 2012 • Vol. 53, No. 1 • Ethics, Professionalism and Professional Liability

NH Bar Journal - Volume 53, Number 1 - Ethics, Professionalism and Professional Liability

  • NH Bar Association Ethics Committee: Advancing Professionalism in the 21st Century By Maureen D. Smith, Chair
  • The Case Within the Case: Examining How New Hampshire Courts Approach the Trial of a Legal Malpractice Claim By John C. Kissinger, Jr., Christopher D. Hawkins, and Samantha L. Yanco
  • The Anders Brief, State v. Cigic, and Does Cigic Deliver What It Promises? By Joshua L. Gordon
  • Dancing in Secret: The Ethical Dilemma of Disclosure and Confidentiality in Trade Secret Cases By William C. Saturley and Beth H. Kissinger
  • The Morally Ambiguous Advocate By Kirk C. Simoneau
  • Conducting Ethical Internal Investigations: Considerations for Corporate Counsel By Gemma Dreher, Kara Sweeney and Anthony Estee
  • Supreme Court Fellows Program: A Unique Vision of the Federal Judiciary By Monica Fennell, Matthew Duchesne, Sirkka Kauffman, and Elizabeth Woodcock
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff
Winter 2012 • Vol. 52, No. 4 • Internet and the Law

NH Bar Journal - Volume 52, Number 4 - Internet and the Law

  • Siri is my Client: A First Look at Artificial Intelligence and Legal Issues By John Weaver
  • NH Rule of Evidence No. 504: The Marital Privilege in the Age of Email, Texting and Social Media By Peter Lawlor
  • Riding the Wave: Social Media in Local Government By C. Christine Fillmore
  • The Interaction of Social Media and the Law and How to Survive the Social Media Revolution By Steven J. Venezia
  • OMG, TMI: Civil Discovery and Social Media By John Alexander
  • Client or Con? Con Artists Excel on the Internet at Making Lawyers Their Marks By Ellen Eidelbach Pitluk
  • Balancing Civil Liberties with Clinical Care: Reviewing the Recent Change in the Involuntary Admissions Statute By Alexander de Nesnera, M.D., DFAPA, Paul Shagoury, Ph.D, and Elizabeth Howell Woodbury, Psy.D.
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff
Fall 2011 • Vol. 52, No. 3 • General Issue

NH Bar Journal - Volume 52, Number 3 - General Issue

  • Substantial Confusion: The Use and Misuse of the Word “Substantial” in the Legal Profession By Michael J. Malaguti
  • Closing the Loopholes: New Laws for ‘In Terrorem’ (No Contest) Clauses in Wills and Trusts By Nadine M. Catalfimo and Charles A. DeGrandpre
  • A Primer on New Hampshire First-Party Property Insurance By Caryn Daum
  • Concussions and Student-Athletes: Medical-Legal Issues in Concussion Care & Physician and School System Risks By Stuart J. Glassman, M.D. and Bradley D. Holt
  • Timeline of a High-Conflict Divorce
  • Patent Trolls: Who, What, Where & How to Defend Against Them By Christopher T. Vrountas, Richard S. Loftus, and Cori Phillips Palmer
  • Workers’ Compensation: Appeal of Margeson and Expansion of the Substantial Contribution Test By Daniel R. Lawson
  • The “Seven Years War” Between New Hampshire and the United States By Richard B. Treanor
  • Lex Loci By David W. Ruoff

In this Issue

  • Introduction
  • Does the U.S. Need a “Right to be Forgotten”?
  • A History of Civil and Criminal Commitment Statutes in New Hampshire
  • Dormant Mistakes: The Statute of Limitations in Professional Negligence-Discovery, Fraudulent Concealment, and the Continuous Representation Rule
  • Trusts & Divorce – Good, Bad & Ugly: New Rules for the Treatment of a Spouse’s Discretionary Trust Interests & Powers of Appointment in Divorce Under UTC Article 5 & Goodlander