Ethics Committee Formal Opinion #1986/7-14(a)

September 8, 1987


Pamphlets with attorney advertising distributed free to the public generally at public places would not be solicitation under Rule 7.3(c).  (Rule 7.3(c))

Pamphlets with attorney advertising mailed to at least a thousand addresses are “distributed generally” within the meaning of Rule 7.3, and are not solicitation.  (Rule 7.3)

Pamphlets with attorney advertising sent to businesses, soliciting the businesses as clients, are not solicitation.  (Rule 7.3)

All attorney advertising should comply with Rules 7.1 through 7.4.  (Rules 7.1; 7.2; 7.3; 7.4)


Does such pamphlet distribution constitute solicitation proscribed by Rule 7.3 of the New Hampshire Rules of Professional Conduct?

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