The NH Bar’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) does not just serve the public – we are here for our members too with our new Attorney Discipline Defense Referral Service. If you have received an ADO complaint, or are concerned about avoiding one, the professional team at LRS can make confidential referrals to attorneys experienced in defending attorney discipline/ethics issues.  Calls are always confidential and if you wish to remain anonymous, just identify yourself using your initials.

The Ball is in Your Court

  • Contact LRS – call (603) 229-0002 or fill out the request form below.
  • Receive a confidential referral.
  • You make contact with the referred attorney when you are ready.

Remember the earlier in the process you ask for help, the better the outcomes tend to be. Don’t try to go it alone.

Attorney Discipline Defense Referrals

Description of Legal Matter

Terms & Conditions

To receive a referral, you must agree to the terms, by checking the box below.

I understand that I will be referred to an attorney who charges standard legal fees. There is no fee for the referral, but the attorney may charge up to $25 for the first thirty-minute consultation, after which the attorney may charge his/her standard fees for a consultation that exceeds thirty minutes. I also understand that if the attorney is not able to provide me with a consultation of up to 30 minutes, I will contact LRS, and LRS will make up to two more referrals.

Please check that your email address and email address confirmation are the same if the Submit Request button is grey, rather than black, and does not generate a "your form has been submitted" page.