Welcome to Adulthood

This guide will give you basic information on your legal rights and responsibilities when you reach the age of 18 and are considered an adult. Topics covered include:

  • Buying a new car
  • Holding public office and voting
  • Applying for credit in your name
  • Loss of protection by juvenile law for any crime
  • Being bound by any contracts you sign

Excerpt from book:

While many people believe that your identity can only be stolen by obtaining your wallet or passport or other information with personal information, identity theft is much more common and easy. It can be done by obtaining a picture that you posted on the internet, your address and log-in information to Amazon or other online store. You don’t need to have a social security number or credit card to be a victim of identity theft” (page 39).


“Before distributing the book on rights and responsibilities, my message to the graduating seniors was about opportunities. What do poetry, engineering human tissue, and starting a solo physical therapy or graphic design business have in common? Students as adults may find a lot going on right here in New Hampshire! A little law and current events goes a long way if you seek to become the next New Hampshire Poet Laureate (search underway), work in an innovation industry newly supported by tax breaks, or pick the right business entity for your dream job or side hustle.”

–Alex Talcott, Managing Partner of Seacoast Financial Planning, Delivered Books to Oyster River High School

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Correction to page 26-27

This book is issued as a public service to provide general information only. It is not a substitute
for specific legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult the section on finding
an attorney and check out the resources at the end of the book.

Creating Beyond High School

Attorney Jennifer A. Eber authored the Beyond High School book.  Attorney Eber focuses her practice on employment related matters, both counseling clients and representing clients in litigated matters before state and federal agencies and in state and federal courts.  She also litigates general civil matters, including commercial disputes and insurance coverage.  She has a passion and is devoted to animal related legal matters. She practices at Orr & Reno, P.A. .

Beyond High School was first published as a pamphlet in 1996 and distributed to graduating high school seniors across New Hampshire. Over the years it has been updated and made available through the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Law Related Education web page.  Art from Manchester Memorial High School and St. Thomas Aquinas High school has been incorporated in this latest edition of Beyond High School.

Publishing the Book

“Publishing, printing and distributing this book has been an exciting journey. I feel like I have learned something new every day. Seeing the book go through the stages of printing was a thrill”.

Robin E. Knippers, Law Related Education Coordinator.

Beyond High School: Printing and Folding

Beyond High School: Gluing to Trimming

Published with support from the New Hampshire Bar Foundation’s Advancement of Justice Fund & Frederic K. Upton Fund.