Rule 1.5

#2022-23/01 Ancillary Businesses Under Rule 5.7

ABSTRACT: In 2007, New Hampshire adopted NHRPC Rule 5.7, which applies to the provision of services that might reasonably be performed in conjunction with, and in substance are related to, the provision of legal services and that

#2021-22/02 Crowdfunding Legal Fees New

ABSTRACT: Representing a client in a matter funded in whole or in part through donation-based crowdfunding is not unethical per se. Lawyers are encouraged to exercise substantial caution when undertaking a crowdfunded matter, however, as ethical concerns

#2021-22/01 Inactive Lawyers and Referral Fees

An inactive lawyer may not enter into a referral fee agreement with an active New Hampshire lawyer for matters that first arose after the change in status because that would violate the restrictions on the practice of law and present a great risk of misrepresentation.