The New Hampshire Bar Association provides mock trial cases for all levels. See guides, resource materials and information for mock trials.

Please find below ‘for information only’ tools to use for classroom exercises in Mock Trial. Not to be used for Competition purposes.

An Overview of the American Legal System – A Guide for Classroom Use
To Be Used in Conjunction with the Mock Trial Competition Handbook

Mock Trial Competition Handbook
Rules and Procedures for State Competition

Rules of Evidence Cheat Sheet
For complete rule, please refer to “Simplified Rules of Evidence” section found on page 18 of the Mock Trial Competition Handbook.

State v. Sam Cunningham
Sam Cunningham is charged with the murder of his former best friend and business partner, after their shrimping vessel sinks during a storm.

The People of the State of New York v. Mickey Jackson
Mickey Jackson has been charged with unauthorized use of a computer, computer trespass and computer tampering.

Pat Dunn v. Chris LePuck
Dunn v. LePuck involves a dispute between two hockey players over a hockey match that spiraled out of control. The case raises issues of negligence, comparative fault, and assorted evidentiary issues.

State v. Taylor Mock Trial Case Materials
The prosecution of a high school security officer who shot, allegedly in self defense, a suspected gang member after a football game.

Pat Smith v. Old Man Of The Mountain School System
A high school senior, after a dress-code violation, is prohibited from participating in a soccer match. With college scouts in attendance at the game, the student would be “auditioning” for a scholarship. The student has brought a suit in state court in New Hampshire seeking an injunction.

State v. Parsons (w/Caselaw)
The defendant is charged with speeding, DWI, possession of marijuana and cocaine and operating with an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

Jamie B. Foote, a minor, by Pat Foote, the next best friend, et. al. v. J.R. Moses, et. al. and Smallville Public School District
The Foote… v. J.R. Moses… case concerns the constitutionality of a school policy against dancing on school premises.

State of Arizona v. Terry C. Jackson
In the case, a high school student who left campus for lunch is charged with negligent homicide after one of the passengers in his car is killed in an accident.

Alex Strusa v. New Concord School District
The plaintiff, contending that his hopes for attending a prestigious college on a full scholarship were dashed when the school released to colleges a transcript noting a five-day suspension for violating the school’s zero-tolerance drug policy, is suing his high school principal for libel and breach of contract.

State v. Reed/Rita A. Bok
A First Amendment case founded in charges of criminal trespass and riot.

State of New Hampshire v. Don (Dawn) Loder
This case involves several teens who hack into computer systems. The result: chaos at the zoo. Who is responsible?

Kevin Dunn v. Linda L. LePuck
Negligence & liability as result of hockey game.

Case for Preschool through Primary Grades
Gold E. Locks who faces charges of trespassing on the property of the Bear Family. The videotape and curriculum guide illustrate the manner in which a standard fairy tale can be adapted to help children learn about the legal process. Additional lessons include Giant v. Jack and Big Bad Wolf v. Curly Pig.

Putting on Mock Trials
Newly revised and expanded booklet provides information about mock trials, including their value as a learning tool in elementary and secondary classrooms, techniques for recruiting lawyers and judges to assist in mock trials, ideas about mock trial competitions, etc., as well as a number of actual trials, encompassing every grade level and many different kinds of trials. Available for purchase through the American Bar Association.

American Bar Association’s Mock Trial Resources
Includes information on types of mock trials, tips on preparing and conducting the trial, simplified steps and rules in a trial, and even guidelines on mock trial competitions.

National High School Mock Trial Championship
Info about the competition, rules, State Coordinator listing, newsletters & resources, awards and championship hosting.

Street Law
Each year, the D.C. Street Law Clinic develops a mock trial for use in the citywide high school competition. These mock trials are free for use by teachers in their classrooms and/or with their mock trial teams.

Mock Trial Blog
Mock trial info for high school students.

Basic Trial, Jury Selection
Useful Mock Trial terms, Jury selection and Self Quiz.

Center for Civic Education
We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution program web pages.