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A Law Related Education program of the NH Bar Association brings lawyers and judges into classrooms around the state to teach students about the warning signs and consequences of dating violence and where they can find help.

Violence in adolescent and teen dating relationships can establish a pattern that increases the risk for experiencing severe domestic violence later in life. The NH Bar Association has joined the effort to break the cycle by establishing the program When Love Hurts: Rights, Responsibilities, Realities of Teen Dating Violence.

Attorneys and judges who choose to participate in the program will receive pre-selected video clips designed to spark discussion and learning during presentations to students in grades 8-12. The clips show abusive behavior in dating relationships that often escalates to physical violence. Please contact our LRE Coordinator.

Help Break the Cycle

The New Hampshire Bar Association will work to break this harmful cycle by educating young people throughout the state about the rights, responsibilities and realities surrounding teen dating violence through its program, When Love Hurts.

We need YOU to help break the cycle of teen dating violence.

Selected Videos

Huguely Email: 'I Should Have Killed You'

Dating Abuse Tragedy Inspires DASH

Boyfriend's Jealous Rage Turns Deadly

Ryan & Jade - Teenage Relationship Abuse

"Gravity" Abusive Relationship PSA

For more information about When Love Hurts or any NH Bar Law Related Education program, please contact the LRE Coordinator, 603-715-3259.