The Drafting Committee of the Bar’s Task Force on Criminal Jury Instructions has released over 260 pages of draft instructions. The task force continues to meet regularly to review new legislation and case law that may then require new instructions or modifications to existing instructions. The task force endeavors to ensure that these draft instructions are balanced, comprehensible, and accurate statements of law. However, they are a work-in-progress and do not carry the imprimatur of the NH Bar Association. They are intended to serve as model instructions applicable in the spectrum of criminal cases that may arise under New Hampshire law.

Please note that new legislation is adopted and court opinions are issued on an on-going basis. These instructions may not be up to date and may not reflect changes in the law. A user should conduct his or her own research to determine the validity of each instruction. There is no assurance that the instructions are correct, especially considering potential changes in the law. In addition, these instructions have not been formally adopted by any New Hampshire court. In summary, use these instructions as a starting point for research and drafting of your own work product, nothing more.

Reference Material: 1985 Criminal Jury Instructions

Written comments on the draft Criminal Jury instructions can be directed to the Member Services Coordinator by using the form below.

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