#1983-84/1 Formal Opinion Ethical Rules on Attorney Advertising
#1983-84/2 Formal Opinion (BOG 9/20/83) Contingent Fee in Support Arrearage Case
#1983-84/3 Advisory Opinion Duty to Inform Client
#1983-84/4 Formal Opinion (BOG 10/14/83) Representing Both Parties in Marital Mediation
#1983-84/5 Formal Opinion (BOG 3/22/84) Part-Time District Court Judge: Public Service Limitations/ Practice Limitations
#1983-84/6 Advisory Opinion (dated 10/11/83) Newspaper Advertising
#1983-84/7 Advisory Opinion (dated 11/8/83) Advertising: Professional Announcement
#1983-84/8 Advisory Opinion (BOG 2/16/84) Obtaining Attorney’s Fees Through Disposal of a client’s Personal Property Being Held by Attorney
#1983-84/9 Advisory Opinion (BOG 3/22/84) Possible Conflict of Interest in

Auto Accident Case Representation

#1983-84/10 Formal Opinion (BOG 3/22/84) Municipal Representation Conflicts: Representation of Planning Board by Attorney Member
#1983-84/11 Advisory Opinion (BOG 3/22/84) Obtaining Payment from Proceeds of Client’s Unrelated Settlement
#1983-84/12 Advisory Opinion (BOG 7/19/84) Sale of a Law Practice (and Associated Debt Collection)
#1983-84/14 Advisory Opinion (BOG 5/17/84) Municipal Representation Conflicts: City Attorney-Municipal/District Court ( not available in files)
#1983-84/15 Advisory Opinion (BOG 7/19/84) Advertising: Mass Mailed Circulars or Brochures (not available in files)

1982 – 1983

#1982-83/2 Formal Opinion (BOG 4/21/83) Obligations of Insurance Company Counsel to Policyholder Client
#1982-83/3 Formal Opinion (BOG 10/15/82) Office Sharing: Use of Shared Space by Part-Time County Attorney
#1982-83/5 Advisory Opinion (BOG 11/12/82) Obligation of Attorney to Report Possible Child Abuse (not available  in files)
#1982-83/9 Advisory Opinion Disbursement of Undesignated Trust
(BOG 1/27/83) Account of Deceased Attorney
#1982-83/13 Advisory Opinion Office Sharing: Sharing Common
(BOG 11/18/82) Space with Realtor
#1982-83/14 Advisory Opinion (BOG 1/27/83) Obligation of Professional Continuity Committee Volunteer to Report Suspected Code Violations
#1982-83/15 Advisory Opinion Counsel for an Insured: Possible
(BOG 1/27/83) Conflicts
#1982-83/16 Formal Opinion Confidentiality Issues in Law Firm
(BOG 4/21/83) Use of Outside Word Processing
#1982-83/17 Advisory Opinion Municipal Representation Conflicts
(BOG 1/27/83)
#1982-83/18 Advisory Opinion Lawyer Referral Service Referrals
(BOG 4/21/83) for Second Opinions
#1982-83/19 Advisory Opinion Counsel for an Insured: Possible
(BOG 3/17/83) Conflicts
#1982-83/20 Formal Opinion (BOG 3/17/83) Letterhead Listing: Including Paralegal on Letterhead
#1982-83/21 Advisory Opinion (BOG 3/17/83) Corporate Billing for Legal Services
#1982-83/22 Advisory Opinion (BOG 4/21/83) Advertising: Out-of-State Firm Lawyer-Directed Advertising in New Hampshire
#1982-83/23 Formal Opinion (BOG 4/21/83) Continuing Obligation of Counsel to Defendant Client
#1982-83/24 Advisory Opinion (BOG 4/21/83) Attorney Participation in

Financial Counseling Service Debt Management Program

#1982-83/25 Advisory Opinion (BOG 4/21/83) Letterhead Listing





Formal Opinion


Attorney Trustee Serving as

(dated “1/12/82) Hospital Counsel
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 1/12/82) Advertising
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 2/17/82) Municipal Representation Conflicts Town Council/Planning Board/Zoning Board
No# Formal Opinion (dated 2/17/82) Attorney Liens
No# Formal Opinion (dated 3/16/82) Divorce Mediation
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 4/13/82) Independent Secretarial Work by a Law Firm Employee
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 5/”1″1/82) Municipal Representation Conflicts Town Counsel/Municipal-District Court
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 6/15/82) Group Legal Services Plan – State Employees Association
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 6/15/82) Probate Practice Conflicts
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 6/”15/82) Municipal Representation Conflicts School District Moderator/Counsel for Teachers’ Union
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 10/12/82) Advertising: Use of Firm Name Containing Out-of-State Partners in
In-State Advertising
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 10/”12/82) Obligation of Attorney to Report Possible Insurance Fraud
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 10/12/82) Representation of  Clients  in District Court by a Retired Judge of That Court
No# Formal Opinion (dated 10/12/82) Obligations of Attorney to Report Possible Welfare Fraud
No# Advisory Opinion (dated 10/12/82) Dual Representation of Personal lnjur,i_ Plaintiff and Conservator Spouse – Possible Conflicts
No# Advisory Opinion Request to Reconsider PCC Informal
(dated 10/”12/82) Opinion #2 (7/30/70) and Formal

Op1nion #5 (12/5/75) re: NH Practicing

Lawyer Operating a NH Real Estate



No#1 Ethics Cmte. Opinion Title Insurance Conflicts (dated 7/15/81)
No#2 Ethics Cmte. Opinion Dissolution and Sale of Practice (dated 7/29/81)
No#3 Formal Opinion Appearance by Firm before City (dated 9/30/81)  Council When a Member of the Same Firm is a Member of City Council (files not available)
No#4 Advisory Opinion Withdrawal as Counsel When a
No#5 Advisory Opinion Contingent Fee in Marital-Like Case (dated 10/23/81)
No#6 Formal Opinion Spouse Attorneys (dated 10/23/81)
No#7 Formal Opinion Disposition of Stolen Property
No#8 Advisory Opinion Business Interests of County Attorney – Potential Conflicts
No#9 Formal Opinion Representing Criminal Defendant in a Municipality Where a Partner is Town Counsel
No#10 Advisory Opinion Dissolution of a Law Practice Upon the Death of a Lawyer


No#1 Informal Opinion
(dated 1/8/80)
Dissolution of a Law Practice
No#2 Informal Opinion
(dated 2/19/80)
Withdrawal From Contingent Fee Case/Attorney Lien
No#3 Informal Opinion
(dated 2/19/80)
Title Insurance Business Conflict
No#4 Informal Opinion
(dated 2/19/80)
Non-Partners Sharing Office Space
No#4 Ethics Cmte. Opinion
(dated 2/19/80)
Non-Partners Sharing Office Space
No#5 Informal Opinion
(dated 2/19/80)
Advertising Non-Legal Experience
No#6 Informal Opinion
(dated 5/6/80)
Municipal Representation Conflicts
No#6 Ethics Cmte. Opinion
(dated 5/20/80)
Municipal Representation Conflicts
No#7 Informal Opinion
(dated 10/14/80)
Legal Services as Charity Auction Item
No#8 Informal Opinion
(dated 10/14/80)
Advertising Non-Legal Experience
No#9 Informal Opinion
(dated 10/14/80)
Use of Firm Name Incorporating No Names of N.H. Admittees