Ethics Committee Advisory Opinion #2012-13/04


A New Hampshire lawyer who uses cloud computing must be certain that such use complies with the Rules of Professional Conduct, including, Rule 1.8(c), 1.0(e), 1.1, 1.6, 1.15, 2.1, and 5.3.


The internet has changed the practice of law in many ways, including how data is stored and accessed. “Cloud computing” can be an economical and efficient way to store and use data. However, a lawyer who uses cloud computing must be aware of its effect on the lawyer’s professional responsibilities. The NHBA Ethics Committee adopts the consensus among states that a lawyer may use cloud computing consistent with his or her ethical obligations, as long as the lawyer takes reasonable steps to ensure that sensitive client information remains confidential.

This opinion was submitted for publication by the NHBA Board of Governors at its February 21, 2013 meeting.

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