Checklists are a great way to tackle a process that you might not be familiar with – and our partnership with Affinity give you access to some critical advice and best practices, such as:

  • Not sure which features you should care about as you decide on a Time, Billing or Accounting program for your firm?  There’s a checklist for that! (And Practice Management, and Document Management, too!)
  • What should you be asking Your Managed Service Provider? Check out our 10 Essential Questions checklist.
  • Need a little help with Email etiquette?  There’s a checklist for that, too.
  • Wondering what Technology to invest in when you start a new firm? There’s a checklist for that!
  • Not sure what steps to take as you start a new firm, merge with another firm, or wrap up your business? There’s a checklist for that!
  • Have a succession plan?  We’ve got a checklist for that.
  • Need to make sure you are reconciling your bank accounts (including Trust) accurately? Checklists.
  • Curious how prepared you are for winter weather, or disaster recovery?  Checklists.


Managing Your Firm


Life of Your Firm