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MAP Your Pathway to Professional Success

By Misty Griffith

The unparalleled collegiality of the New Hampshire legal community is evidenced by the dozens of experienced attorneys from more than 50 firms throughout the state who have volunteered to serve as mentors for the NHBA’s new Mentor Advice Program. Having so many capable mentors available provides the basis for MAP to successfully pair new attorneys (advisees) with a mentor who fits their individual needs. Whether an advisee seeks a mentor with similar practice areas, one who can provide sound advice about opening a solo practice, or someone to provide tips on networking and engagement within the NHBA, MAP has numerous experienced attorneys ready and willing to provide professional guidance.

During the first few weeks of opening for advisee applications, MAP has paired over ten new lawyers with a very compatible mentor who closely aligns with their professional needs. Some of the great matches include:

  • New solo lawyer in Littleton matched with a solo practitioner also located in Littleton with over 50 years of practice experience.
  • New attorney working as a public defender matched with a retired attorney who has had a noteworthy career as a public defender in New Hampshire.
  • 2019 admittee who has opened a solo practice matched with an experienced attorney who has volunteered to show the ropes about opening and managing your own firm.
  • 2020 admittee specializing in family law matched with an experienced family law practitioner who is also very involved in the family law section, committees of the NHBA, and affinity bars.
  • Solo attorney seeking networking guidance matched with a young, but experienced, attorney who is a rising star and very involved in NHBA committees, and affinity bars.
  • 2020 admittee concentrating on corporate, tax, and real estate law matched with a highly experienced attorney in these practice areas who has an LLM in tax law.
  • 2020 admittee who is passionate about intellectual property law, especially trademark and copyright law, matched with an experienced attorney who is expert in these areas.
  • New attorney admitted in both NH and MA with a solo family law-oriented practice in a border town, matched with an experienced attorney from a nearby town actively practicing family law in both states.

MAP is continually introducing new mentoring pairs. Many experienced mentors are looking forward to connecting with an advisee. If MAP does not have a currently available mentor suitable to an advisee’s needs, the coordinator will reach out to experienced practitioners to find a mentor who is a good fit. Most advisees are matched within two weeks.

New attorneys, take advantage of this exceptional resource provided by the NHBA. Sign up for MAP today so that you can be paired with a mentor who will help you reach your fullest potential professionally.

Applications for both advisees and mentors are available at .  If you have questions, contact our Member Services Coordinator.