The LRS Difference

When you need guidance on selecting and hiring a qualified, conveniently located attorney for your legal issue, look no further than the NH Lawyer Referral Service (LRS). You can rest assured all LRS attorneys:

  • belong to the New Hampshire Bar Association;
  • are licensed to practice in NH, and
  • carry malpractice insurance.

A service of the NH Bar Association, LRS also requires attorneys to have specific education and experience qualifications in certain subject matter areas, including Medical Malpractice, Criminal Felony Law and Bankruptcy Law.

The Most Up-to-Date and Accurate Information

LRS operates with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible regarding attorneys and their ability to practice law in NH. The Service’s in-depth attorney data includes languages spoken, ability to practice in other states and handicap accessibility, along with willingness to make home/hospital visits, accept credit cards, provide flat fee or unbundled services. Making the best client/attorney match is the Service’s highest priority.

Staff Takes Time to Listen

When you contact LRS, a trained intake and referral specialist will take the time to listen to your legal concerns and will attempt to locate the right attorney or other community resource if a referral to an attorney is not necessary.

The Service is Free!

There is no fee for the referral and attorneys agree not to charge more than $25 for the initial consultation of up to 30 minutes (if at all). If you require further legal service after the initial meeting, the fee arrangement is between you and the lawyer. Attorneys referred through LRS charge customary legal fees. If you cannot afford an attorney’s regular rate, you may qualify for a referral through the NH Modest Means Legal Program.

The Trusted Source

Consumers have many choices for locating attorneys but they are not all the same. Online legal directories lack access to the most current information about attorneys and do not provide personal assistance. Ratings and reviews are not always reliable. The New Hampshire Bar Association is the trusted source for lawyer referrals. When you need an attorney, let the NH Lawyer Referral Service help you find the right one!