Leapholes – Middle School Program


In 2007 the NH Bar Association invited several middle schools from around the state to participate in the “Leapholes” pilot project. The NHBA provided the classes with books for each student, teacher and attorney volunteer. The students read the book and, with the help of an attorney volunteer, discussed the legal aspects of the book. Classrooms participating in a culminating activity were invited to meet James Grippando at a “Meet the Author” event held on May 21, 2008.”Leapholes” by James Grippando tells the story of Ryan, a middle school boy who hates school and is in trouble with the law. The one person that can help him is a mysterious magical old attorney named Hezekiah. Together they do their legal research by zooming through “Leapholes”; physically entering the law books and coming face-to-face with actual people from famous cases- like Rosa Parks and Dred Scott- who will help Ryan defend himself in court.

For information about using the Leapholes book in the classroom is available to schools who are interested. For information about this program, contact our Law Related Education Coordinator at 603-715-3259.


For more information about the “Leapholes” Program, or any of the other NH Bar Association Law Related Education programs, please contact our Law Related Education Coordinator at 603-715-3259.

“Leapholes” Project  Receives ABA Award – 2008
The NH Bar’s pilot project for middle school students, centered on the James Grippando novel, Leapholes, received the 2008 LexisNexis Community & Educational Outreach Award for innovation and excellence.With funding from the NH Bar Foundation, the Bar Association provided the classes with books for each student and teacher. With the help of NHBA members who visited the classrooms, students discussed the legal aspects of the book, which involves a young time-traveling hero who learns about the legal system by visiting people from major cases in history.

Students from Belmont and Timberlane Regional middle schools were treated to a visit from the author that took place at the Bar Center.