Connecting people in need of legal services with the professionals who may be able to help.

NHBA’s Lawyer Referral Service makes it quick and easy to locate and retain a qualified attorney for your legal problem. Because some types of matters are time sensitive, it’s important to seek out help as soon as you know you have an issue.

Happy Lawer Referral Service agent ready to make referrals to the right lawyer in NH.

LRS provides consumers with guidance on selecting and hiring a qualified lawyer who is conveniently located and handles the customer’s particular legal matter. Learn more.

The NHBA Lawyer Referral Service Modest Means Program matches those who prequalify with a licensed NH Attorney who charges reduced fees to income-eligible applicants. Learn more.

If you are unsure of which program will meet your needs, please call 603-229-0002 for assistance.

Ineligible Cases

Cases not eligible for the NHBA LRS Modest Means Program generally include criminal cases and civil contingency cases. In criminal cases, if you can not afford a lawyer you have a right to a public defender and should consult the NH Public Defender.