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LRS provides consumers with guidance on selecting and hiring a qualified lawyer who is conveniently located and handles the customer’s particular legal matter. LRS maintains a continuously updated database of attorneys who handle over 30 categories of law, along with additional information that may be helpful, such as languages spoken, willingness to make home or hospital visits, office wheelchair accessibility, and more. Learn more.

The Modest Means Program is operated by the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) of the NH Bar Association.

A financial intake will be used to determine your eligibility for the program. If eligible, you will be referred to a Modest Means panel attorney.

NOTE: Certain types of legal cases are not eligible for Modest Means consideration. Learn more.

The Pro Bono Referral Program links low-income people with volunteer attorneys for free legal services in variety of civil legal issues. There are a variety of different programs based specific legal needs. Learn more about the Pro Bono Referral Program.

Certain types of legal cases are not eligible for Pro Bono or free legal services. All criminal cases are handled by the NH Public Defender.

If you are unsure of which program will meet your needs, please call 603-229-0002 for assistance.

Ineligible Cases

Cases not eligible for the Modest Means Program and the Pro Bono Referral Program generally include criminal cases and civil contingency cases. In criminal cases, if you can not afford a lawyer you have a right to a public defender and should consult the NH Public Defender. Civil cases where you are bringing suit, seeking monetary damages are most often contingency cases. This means that a lawyer will contract to represent you and they will be paid an agreed upon percentage of the judgement if the court finds in your favor.

To print the list  of New Hampshire Civil Legal Service Programs please click on it and a .pdf fro printing will be downloaded for printing.

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