Support the Resettlement of Afghan Women Judges Today!

Roeen Family

A Call to Action from the NH Coalition for Resettlement of Afghan Women Judges

Terrorized for Upholding Justice and the Rule of Law

Afghan judges and their families were forced to evacuate Afghanistan in 2021 following the return of the Taliban. Horrific stories of murder and terror perpetrated on these women have been widely documented. The video linked below from PBS and the International Association of Women Judges tells their story in gripping detail.

To escape these atrocities, Afghan judges are living as refugees in various parts of the world including the Middle East. However, with help from the International Association of Women Judges, many are successfully starting their lives over in the Australia, Canada, Germany and the United States.

New Hampshire Takes Action

After two years in a refugee camp, one judge and her family have finally been safely relocated to New Hampshire! To ensure successful resettlement and long-term positive experiences, we have organized the NH Coalition for Resettlement of Afghan Women Judges – a volunteer group recognized by the National Association of Women Judges – to assist with the family’s needs, which include housing, transportation, clothing, food, supplies, employment, and education. Our New Hampshire resettlement agency, the International Institute of New England, provides essential support to the family temporarily, but much more is needed.


We are raising funds to support rent payments, clothing and food, transportation, technology and school supplies, and everything a family starting over and looking to make a new home might need. Please donate below. Cash donations are the most helpful because they can be directed to a specific need. As opportunities for volunteer or in-kind support become available, there will be added appeals from the committee.

To offer other resources or learn more about how you can support this initiative, please reach out to the NH Coalition for Resettlement of Afghan Women Judges at

$800 covers driving lessons; $250 covers the family's bus passes for a month
$2000 covers a month's rent and utilities
$ 200 covers a week's groceries
Healthcare can rack up large bills quickly
Winter clothes for growing kids can be expensive

The family we support includes the judge, her husband, and their three children.  Click here to learn more. They will need short- and long-term support from our New Hampshire communities.

Progress made. Progress destroyed.

Afghan female judges were part of a twenty-year effort led by the International Association of Women Judges to promote the rule of law in various countries and support women entering the legal profession. In 2021, the Taliban regained control, and all progress was lost. Instantly, Afghan women judges and their families were in mortal danger and fled as refugees to neighboring safe havens, living temporarily in camps elsewhere in the Middle East and Europe.

Imagine being terrorized and driven from your job, your home, and your life, and the only option to survive is starting over in a new country.  New Hampshire can honor its commitment to justice, the rule of law, and basic human dignity for all in a very tangible way by supporting these courageous women as they begin a new life in freedom and safety in the United States.

The Good News: Resettlement is Underway

Resettlement has begun in Manchester, New Hampshire, where the resettlement agency is located. Employment opportunities are being explored throughout New Hampshire, including at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law for the judge and in the medical field for her husband – a doctor and educator. Housing has been located, and the family is acclimating to their new community. The NH Coalition for Resettlement of Afghan Women Judges is now organizing for and responding to the Roeen family’s most pressing needs. Your support today will ensure we can continue our work to help the family stabilize and eventually thrive in their new home country.

Female Judges Fear for their Safety

Learn more about the fate of Afghan women judges as reported by PBS and the International Association of Women Judges.

Leaving Afghanistan – International organizations are working to evacuate Afghan women judges, who face particular peril under Taliban rule.