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The New Hampshire Bar Foundation (NHBF), the charitable arm of the New Hampshire Bar Association (NHBA), recently released to the public the results of its Diversity and Inclusion Survey. These results point to opportunities to better engage members, support women lawyers and lawyers from underrepresented demographics, and recruit and retain a more diverse workforce. Accompanying the survey results are recommendations to address unmet challenges, improve justice, and fortify the rule of law.

In Spring 2021, NHBF brought together interested stakeholders to determine how the New Hampshire legal community could better understand the issue surrounding diversity and inclusion, as well as identify opportunities for action.  They retained a nationally-recognized analytics firm, Parker Analytics to help craft the survey, gather and analyze data, and leverage its expertise to provide data-informed action items. In creating the survey, the Foundation received generous financial support from many individuals and law firms, including leadership donors the Honorable John and Skye Maher and the Sheehan Phinney law firm.

Nearly 2,000 New Hampshire Bar Association (NHBA) members — about a quarter of its overall membership — responded to the survey. The Foundation would also like to recognize Chief Justice Gordon MacDonald and the Associate Justices of the New Hampshire Supreme Court (NHSC) for their unwavering support of this project and ongoing commitment.

Says New Hampshire Bar Foundation Chair James J. Tenn, Jr., “Nearly 2,000 NHBA members responded to the survey and the survey results would not be as useful without the variety of opinions they expressed.” He adds, “The data and analytics generated by this comprehensive effort is a start, not an end, to the process of inclusivity. The Foundation is confident that this report provides stakeholders with actionable and data-informed recommendations to advance diversity and inclusion efforts that serve the best interests of our community and profession.”

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