The Child Support Guideline Table (Guideline Table) is used to determine the presumptive child support obligation amount based on the Obligor and Obligee’s Combined Monthly Net Income, and the guideline percentage of net income that corresponds to the number of children subject to the support order. The percentages listed in the table are the calculated percentages determined in accordance with New Hampshire’s Child Support Guidelines law, RSA 458-C.

The Guideline Table lists Combined Monthly Adjusted Gross Income amounts in 10 dollar ranges. Each 10 dollar range is represented as a separate line/row, which includes the corresponding guideline amounts and percentages for one child, two children, three children, and four or more children. For guidance on amounts over $226,009.00, please reach out to DHHS: BCSS Policy Unit.

The Child Support Guidelines Worksheet is used in conjunction with the Guideline Table to determine the Obligor’s presumptive child support obligation. The Worksheet is first used to calculate the Obligor and Obligee’s Combined Adjusted Monthly Gross Income amount. The corresponding guideline amount and percentage from the Guideline Table are then used to complete the Worksheet, and determine the Obligor’s presumptive child support obligation amount. Or, you can use the Guideline Calculator.