Instituted in 1998 to honor the memory of Vickie M. Bunnell “A Country Lawyer” and to applaud the community spirit that is a hallmark of our profession this award is presented to an attorney from a small firm (four or fewer attorneys) who has exhibited dedication and devotion to community by giving of their time and talents, legal or otherwise.

2019 Kimberly A. Weibrecht
2018 H. Alfred Casassa
2017 Robert C. Varney
2016 Roger Phillips
2015 James Gleason
2014 Jonathan Frizzell
2013 Christopher T. Regan
2012 James Noucas
2011 George C. “Kit” Carter
2010 Quentin J. Blaine
2008 Solo & Small Firm Attorneys
2007 Matthew Lahey
2006 Mary L. Wade
2005 David D. King
2004 Katherine B. Stearns
2003 Vicki S. Roundy
2002 Paul D. Desjardins
1999 Gerard J. Boyle
1998 Ignatius MacLellan
NHBA Kim Weibrecht Award