Help Resolve the Justice Gap by Volunteering for NH Free Legal Answers

NH Free Legal Answers  is a readily- accessible 24/7/365 virtual legal clinic that the NHBA offers in partnership with the American Bar Association. It is there to help those in need access free basic legal advice and information about non-criminal legal matters from a licensed NH attorney.  NH-FLA clients are that part of the population who cannot afford standard attorney fees. The intent is that by addressing frequently-raised questions about issues such as housing, divorce and custody, landlord-tenant relations, or employment as they arise, more complicated problems may be prevented later on.

By filtering out people whose questions can be answered by a single response or two, NH-FLA frees up legal aid organizations to focus their resources on people who have more complex legal needs. (Also while many low-income New Hampshirites may not have child care or access to transportation to get to a physical location to seek legal advice, we know that most have access to a phone and internet.) Users can upload photos and documents for an attorney to review ahead of time. While NH-FLA will never replace full representation, it can still provide those in need of immediate assistance with convenient access to tailored advice, as well as preparing them for representing themselves in court.

You Choose Which Questions to Answer

The NH-FLA program and platform is notable for its flexibility and convenience. Participating attorneys can select and answer as many or as few questions as they’d like, on their own schedule, from any location with an internet connection. While attorneys enter into an online dialogue with NH-FLA clients, who can ask follow-up questions, there is no expectation of long-term client obligations.

NH-FLA is ideal for access-minded attorneys at all stages of their careers, no matter what their age, gender, background, years of practice, and geographic location. Because there is no bad time or pressure to answer questions, NH-FLA is especially convenient for attorneys who may not have time during their regular business hours to complete their pro bono obligations.  The ABA also offers malpractice insurance for the limited scope of volunteer attorneys answering questions on the NH-FLA site.