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Ethics of Using Artificial Intelligence in Practice

Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee, As a general practice New Hampshire lawyer, what ethical obligation(s) do I have to employ Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) in my day-to-day practice?    Currently, the benefits and risks associated with AI have

Preparing a Third Party Witness

Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee: I am in the middle of my first trial. During his cross-examination, my client made a statement of fact that I know to be incorrect. Do I have an obligation to

Ethical Principles in Witness Preparation

Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee: I am a new lawyer preparing my client to testify.  This is my first experience preparing a witness to testify under oath.  What general ethical principles do I need to keep

Ethics of Using Outside Vendors and Contractors

Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee: I utilize accountants and IT providers in my firm. Accountants help manage firm finances and ensure IOLTA compliance, and IT providers help maintain our computer and communication systems. To perform their

Paying with Crypto Currency

Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee: I recently completed some work for a client and sent my client my final invoice.  The client wants to pay that invoice using cryptocurrency.  Is that permissible? Answer: Yes, but accepting

Identifying the Client in Estate Planning Matters

Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee: I am an estate planning attorney. Last year three adult children came to my office. They reported their father’s health was failing and they wanted to discuss options for his estate

#2022-23/02 Public Prosecutors and Referral Fees

ABSTRACT: A New Hampshire public prosecutor may not enter into a referral fee agreement with an active New Hampshire lawyer for matters that arose from the prosecutor’s work as a prosecutor. ANNOTATIONS: A referral fee agreement benefitting

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