The New Hampshire Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Committee (the Committee) attempts to resolve disputes between NH attorney’s and their clients that do not rise to the level of an ethical rules violation.

Fee Disputes

If there is any disagreement or question concerning the fee charged by an attorney or the scope of the work being done by an attorney:

  • the client should first discuss the matter with the attorney
  • request a detailed explination

Other Information

  • There is no cost for the service of the Committee
  • The proceedings of the Committee are confidential
  • Committee hearings, decisions, and records are not open to the public, but may be reviewed by Dispute Resolution Committee members

Limitation of the Committee

The Committee is not able to become involved in:

  • dispues over fees that are regulated by statute, agency rule, or court order
  • disputes which are already the subject of pending litigation by either party
  • this is a voluntary procedure, if your attorney should decine to participae in this dispte resolution procs, the Committee cannot continue its involvement

The NH Bar Association has no authority to incestigate complaints or discipline attorneys.

How to file a complaint with the Committee

Written notice of disputes must contain the following information:

  • the name of the person/people involved inthe dispute
  • the name of any attorney involved in the dispute and theirrole, including opposing counsel, if any
  • an indication of whether there is a court case pending
  • a clear statment of the nature of and facts surounding the dispute
  • how you’d like to see the matter resolved
  • the address and phone number where you can be contacted and the best time of day to reach you by phone

Send the requested information to:

NH Bar Association
Dispute Resolution Committee
2 Pillsbury Street
Suite 300
Concord, NH 03301

After a complaint is filed with the Committee

  • the attorney or client will be nnotified of the complain by a member of the Committee
  • the attorney or client is asked if he/she would like to assist in resolving the dispute

The NH Bar Association has no authority to mandate an attorney or a client to participate in the process; it is voluntary on th part of the individual.