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  • Dispute with an Attorney
  • Complaints against Judges
  • Complaint against Court Staff
  • Complaint against an Attorney
  • Complaints against a Public Defender
  • Complaint against a Guardian ad litem
  • How to find out if a complaint has been filed against a lawyer

Dispute with an Attorney or Ethical Violation?

You’ve hired an attorney but something is not working out. Is it a dispute, a disagreement, or an ethical violation? Working through a dispute with an attorney early on could help avoid an escalation to a violation. Complaints are usually the result of a misunderstanding between the attorney and client.

First Steps

  • Discuss the matter with the attorney and request a detailed explanation.
  • Follow-up with a good faith discussion.
  • Usually these steps will produce a satisfactory solution to the disagreement.

The New Hampshire Bar Association Dispute Resolution Committee is designed to handle, first on an informal basis, those disputes with attorneys that do not rise to the level of an ethical violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Examples of such disputes include: those where an attorney is not returning phone calls, is not keeping the client informed as to what is happening in the case, is making excuses why the case is taking so long, will not relinquish a client’s file if the attorney has been dismissed, questions and/or disputes involving fees, etc.

The process is simple: the client must put their dispute in the form of a letter and direct it to the NHBA Dispute Resolution Committee at the Bar’s address. The client will be notified by a member of the Committee and asked if he/she would like the Committee to assist in resolving the dispute. The Bar Association has no authority to mandate an attorney or a client participate in this process; it is voluntary on the part of the individual.

If you choose to seek the assistance of the NHBA Dispute Resolution Committee in attempting to resolve the dispute, see below.

Contact for More Information

New Hampshire Bar Association
2 Pillsbury St.
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-6942
email: Dispute Resolution

Complaint against a Judge

A Report of Alleged Misconduct against a judge must be addressed to:

  • Robert T. Mittelholzer, Esquire, Executive Secretary
    Committee on Judicial Conduct
    132 Chapel Street
    Portsmouth, NH 03801
    Phone: (603) 427-9295
    Fax: (603) 427-9297

Complaint against Court Staff

If you feel that the court staff did not act properly in your case, speak directly to the clerk of the courts.

Complaint Against an Attorney

How to file a misconduct complaint against an attorney with the Attorney Discipline Office.

If you feel that you have been a victim of financial or property theft or defalcation by a NH attorney the Public Protection Fund may be able to provide some measure of reimbursement. The Public Protection Fund was established by the NH Supreme Court as a public service to offer some protection during an attorney-client or fiduciary relationship occurring New Hampshire. The fund is administered by the NH Bar Association, and overseen by the NH Supreme Court.

Complaint against a Public Defender

If your concern involves an attorney in the Public Defender Program, you contact the Executive Director of Public Defender Program.

NH Public Defender Program Administrative Office
10 Ferry  St.
Suite 202
Concord, NH 03301


Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office
NH Attorney Discipline System Office
4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102
Concord, NH 03301

Complaint against a Guardian ad litem

Concerns about the actions of a Guardian ad litem (GAL) should be directed to the entity that certified that particular GAL.

Check the GAL website for the names of those who are board-certified.

Check the Court’s website for the names of those who are court-certified.

How to find out if a complaint has been filed against a lawyer?

The Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office can tell you whether or not there have been any complaints filed against a lawyer.

Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office
4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-224-5828