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Dinner with a Judge

To me, this event was both educational and rewarding. As I was recently admitted to the bar, my interaction with judges is minimal and generally quite stressful. Being able to have a conversation with the judge about his life and career as well as my developing career was invaluable. It increased my comfort level in court as it reminded me judges are people, too. This is a rare opportunity to familiarize yourself with the judges across New Hampshire and listen to any career advice they may have. I would recommend any new lawyer attend future events whether their practice takes them into the courtroom or not.”

Testimonial from attendee Michael Salas

Recent Events

  • Dinner with Hon. Mark D. Attorri
  • Dinner with Hon. Daniel I. St. Hilaire
  • Open House for New Lawyers – Q & A with Federal Judges U.S. District Court, District of New Hampshire
  • Dinner with Attorney General John M. Formella
  • Dinner with Hon. John A. Curran
  • Midyear Meeting Post-Event Social at Strange Brew Pub
  • Dinner with Hon. Mark E. Howard
  • Bench & Bar Meet & Greet
  • Oktobefest-Networking sponsored by NHAJ and NHTLDA
  • Dinner with Judge N. William Delker
  • Dinner with Hon. Samantha D. Elliott