“We would like to welcome all of the newer members to the New Hampshire Bar. The New Lawyers Committee serves as a resource to all newer members of the NH Bar, whether you are a recent law school graduate or a seasoned attorney practicing in a new jurisdiction…We are always excited to hear ideas from other newer lawyers. Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting involved.”

–2018-2019 New Lawyers Committee Co-Chairs

Committee Events

Virtual Outreach

It is a difficult time to be new to the legal profession. The New Lawyers Committee has held a variety of virtual events to help connect us as we all try to navigate these challenging times.  Come join our next event!

Midyear Meeting Virtual Chocolate Tasting – February 5, 2020

Be sure to stay after the Midyear Meeting for a virtual chocolate tasting by Cocoa Beantown ( Boston, MA).  The additional $12 registration fee ($50 value) includes samples of fine, craft chocolates from several New England chocolatiers and a tasting experience guided by an expert chocolate educator. ( Never, fear, we’ll send you the samples ahead of time.)

Virtual New Lawyers Lunch Break – October 29th noon- 1:00 PM

Newer lawyers (generally lawyers practicing 5 years or less) joined together for a virtual  lunch break to discuss anything what was on their minds. There was discussion suggestions/best practices for appearing in court virtually or telephonically, handling work-life balance during the pandemic, and anything else, and get to know some of the other newer attorneys practicing in New Hampshire.

“Ask Me Anything”

New Lawyers’ Committee hosted a question and answer session with experienced members of the legal field on November 17, 5:30 – 7:00 pm . Participants anonymously asked questions about anything on their mind to a panel of experienced legal practitioners and get responses in real time.

Virtual New Lawyers Meet and Greet

July 23rd, the New Lawyers Committee held a virtual meet and greet for the NHBA’s newest  lawyers who have been virtually sworn in over the last few months. Executive Director, George Moore welcomed the group to the Bar. The committee then facilitated a virtual getting to know you and getting to know the Bar event. Attendees described the event as “inviting”, “beneficial”, “fun” and “informative”! Don’t miss your next opportunity to hang-out with this “social” group!



Virtual Walk Against Hunger: Sunday May 17, 2020 – The New Lawyer’s Committee team and celebrate the 30th Annual Walk Against Hunger virtually!

Bench & Bar Meet & Greet:  December, after Practical Skills – Concord NH.

This event is open to all new lawyers who’ve been sworn into the NH Bar within the last three years. Please RVSP to reserve your spot!

Strange Brew Tavern logoMidyear Meeting Social 2020–  Immediately following Midyear Meeting . Strange Brew Tavern 88 Market Street Manchester, NH 03101.

This event was sponsored in part by the NH Bar Foundation.

Dinners with a Judge 

Held throughout the year. Watch the New Lawyers electronic discussion group for details. Contact Lisa Boisvert for more information.

Recap: Take Control of Your Career!

From occupation to calling, crafting a career that you love!

The NHBA New Lawyers’ Committee recently hosted a discussion on career paths in the legal profession with a number of distinguished panelists sharing their experiences with attendees: Henry Klementowicz, ACLU (not pictured); (left to right) Jaclyn Fisher, Preti Flaherty; Joseph Young, Shumaker Sieffert; Shauna L. Segelke, The Nagler Group; Jenna Bergeron, Miller Law Group; Caitlin McCurdy, McLane Middleton; and Hon. Andrea K. Johnstone, U.S. District Court. i: Young speaks with an attendee and Laura Keeler, NHBA member services and LPM coordinator.

New lawyers Committee "Take Control of Your Career" event. One lawyer mentoring another across a table.

New lawyers Committee “Take Control of Your Career” event.

New lawyers Committee "Take Control of Your Career" event, panel discussion.

New lawyers Committee “Take Control of Your Career” event, panel discussion.

Committee Leadership

Co-Chair: Attorney Katherine Hedges

Co-Chair: Attorney Stephanie Tymula

Staff Liaisons: Misty Griffith

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