Happy Summer Everyone! As we begin the new bar year, we want to thank all of you that have helped us have a very successful past year (even in the middle of a pandemic), and we also want to welcome all of our most recent members. We hope to get the opportunity to meet you soon! For those who do not know why you are receiving this newsletter, the New Lawyers Committee acts as a resource for newer members of the New Hampshire Bar. We provide opportunities for additional education, networking, public service, and other programming to support our newest members in building their career.

This past year, we had a very successful CLE series, “Traps for the Unwary,” where our members provided one-hour introductory CLEs reviewing common practice “traps” for lawyers that are new to that practice area. We also hosted a few virtual networking events that allowed time for our members to meet each other and to also compete to win games. One of these great events was an “Ask Me Anything” style event where four experienced attorneys made themselves available to answer any anonymous question that was on our attendees’ minds. We also enjoyed the opportunity to co-host a negotiations training with the Gender Equality Committee and the New Hampshire Women’s Bar Association and to participate in the 31st Annual Walk Against Hunger.

One of the great parts of holding these events virtually is that we were joined by members from all over, including attorneys serving in the military overseas.

In the past, one of our popular events was “Dinner with a Judge,” where a small group of newer attorneys enjoyed getting to know a member of the judiciary over dinner. We were able to continue this tradition through Zoom (though minus the delicious meal), but recently we were able to host our first in person event since the pandemic. We look forward to hosting a number of these events next year and we are looking forward to seeing everyone in person again.

We have a number of great events planned for this upcoming year, including a marketing workshop scheduled for October 27. Please watch your emails for information about our upcoming events as plans are finalized. You will receive special updates as a newer member of the Bar. Additionally, you can check out our resources at https://www.nhbar.org/new-lawyers-committee/ and don’t hesitate to contact either of us if you have any comments or questions. The New Lawyers Committee is here as a resource to you, so please let us know if there is anything you would like to see from us in the coming year.

Stephanie Tymula and Katherine Hedges, Co-Chairs of the New Lawyers Committee

2021 NLC
Attorney Stephanie Tymula

Attorney Stephanie Tymula, Co-Chair of the New Lawyers Committee

Katherine Hedges

Attorney Katherine Hedges, Co-Chair of the New Lawyers Committee