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You don’t just need a technology consultant but one that understands the ins-and-outs of legal technology. Affinity’s  approach is to help you leverage your technology so you can get the most value out of your technology and systems. The NH Bar Association has partnered with Affinity Consulting to deliver an expanded, free member benefit.

These benefits and service can be used in synergistically. Read a whitepaper, look at a comparison chart, e-mail an expert with a question or schedule a consultation for a longer conversation. Tips and tools to use as your career progresses or your firm evolves.

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Don’t know where to start? You know what is lacking but not how to fill the void? A 30 minute consultation with one of Affinity’s consultants is the right place to start.

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Whatever stage you are at in your career or in the life of your firm – there is a whitepaper for you! Over 80 whitepapers written by Affinity experts: formerly practicing attorneys who have spent years working with law firms on best practices, technology, management, and process.

Comparison Charts

Deciding on a product is a daunting process – and while we are lucky to have many options in the market, sometimes, the number of options and features ends up being a roadblock to the successful selection of a product.  Check out these great summaries of your options, including:


Checklists are a great way to tackle a process that you might not be familiar with – and our partnership with Affinity give you access to some critical advice and best practices.