Feature 3

Joseph Caulfield – Martial Artist and Magician

By Kathie Ragsdale When Lyndeborough attorney Joseph Caulfield takes on a case, he approaches it with the skills of a martial artist, and with a sprinkling of magic. “The martial arts inform all my life,” says the

Vicarious Trauma: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

By Tom Jarvis To say lawyering can be stressful is an understatement, especially in the post-pandemic world of staffing short­ages and overwhelming caseloads that legal professionals currently practice in. But for some lawyers and judges, who are

NHBA Diversity Statement

The New Hampshire Bar Association’s (NHBA) motto proudly proclaims, “Equal Justice Under Law.” This phrase serves as a guiding principle and fundamental tenet of our organization’s commitment to law, equality, and justice. In furtherance of this principle,

Lawyers and Texting: Part V

Part V: Ethics of Advertising via Text Messaging Ethics Corner Article Dear Ethics Committee, I have learned that there are services that can allow me to advertise and solicit new clients through text messages. Is this permissible