Legal Technology has changed at a head spinning rate over the last decade. Small and solo firms have had a tough time keeping up. Now even the big guys have new tech worries, like how to make sure client confidentiality is secure with a remote workforce.

Last year the New Hampshire Bar partnered with Affinity Consulting to form TechConnect. TechConnect is an exclusive, free member benefit.  You can “email an expert” with legal technology and security questions. You may also set up a 1/2 consulting call to talk through you particular issues. There are also a number of Comparison Charts and Checklists to help you start your thought process.

Member Benefits

TechConnect: You don’t just need a technology consultant but one that understands the ins-and-outs of legal technology. Affinity’s  approach is to help you leverage your technology so you can get the most value out of your technology and systems. The NH Bar Association has partnered with Affinity Consulting to deliver TechConnect a new, free member benefit that includes: e-mail an expert, and schedule a consultation.

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Fastcase: A small or solo firms best friend! Do your legal research form your virtual office using this free Member Benefit.

Hein Online: Searching for an old Bar News or NH Bar Journal article? Hein Online has a complete, searchable repository of all editions, back to 1958. Search no more, visit Hein Online today!