Welcome to the 2020/2021 School Year

School has started. For some students, this means returning to the classroom in person, others are continuing with remote learning, while some students are returning to a hybrid model. For all students, civics education is important. The Law Related Education Committee (“LRE”) wants to help teachers excel at teaching civics at all grade levels. If you would like to be partnered with a lawyer or judge for either an in person or remote interactive lesson at a date and time that you request, please contact the Law Related Education Coordinator at the New Hampshire Bar Association. We offer lesson plans or will tailor a lesson/speaker to meet your current curriculum.

In order to assist with preparing high school seniors for life after high school, we have made the Beyond High School: A Guide to Your Rights and Responsibilities book available online. In addition, you will find a guide for using the Beyond High School book to teach high school students remotely. Law Related Education will make hard copies of the books available to students following Covid-19 Guidelines. The  When Love Hurts: Rights, Responsibilities, Realities program teaches students about the warning signs and consequences of dating violence and where they can find help. Videos for students to watch on the topic, a written guide discussing the laws and issues, and a sheet for discussion points that teachers can format into writing projects or discussion topics depending on the remote learning plan. Also available, the Patriots, Pirates, Politicians and Profit Seekers  book, which is available online examines influential decisions of the United States Supreme Court that originated from New Hampshire cases. In addition to the student book, there is also a teacher’s enhanced book which provides lessons/discussion, allowing teachers to help plan activities. Finally, at Civics in Action, find quick, easy civics lesson plans. The naturalization test (complete with answers) provides students with an opportunity to practice the test. There are also bingo games, as well as flashcards. These are easy one class lessons for teachers to adapt to remote learning, having the student download the link.

Please also consider teaching the nationally acclaimed We the People: The Citizen & The Constitution (https://www.nhbar.org/civics-education/we-the-people/) program. Each year, high school classes participate in simulated congressional hearings in District and State level culminating events. A State Champion is named at the state finals and given the opportunity to attend the national finals being held virtually in April 2021. In addition, We the People is hosting a 7-week webinar series on Thursday evenings at 7:30 p.m. The webinar is designed for teachers and those interested in civics, government, and U.S. history. The first webinar is on Thursday, September 17, at 7:30 pm. Please contact Robin E. Knippers for more information or click on the link to sign up for the free webinar.

We are here to help and assist students and teachers in their plan for success during this unprecedented time in the education process. Please reach out to us. Our mission is to be a resource to teachers, students and the general public who want to continue to learn about and understand the institutions of American constitutional democracy.

Jennifer Eber, Esq., Chair
Law Related Education Committee