The Bar Foundation makes significant grants in three main areas:

  • Legal Advice, Representation, and Advocacy for the Disadvantaged
  • Student and Community Education about the Law and the Justice System
  • Innovation in the Administration of Justice

Since 1977, the Bar Foundation has made grants totaling more than $36 million dollars through the IOLTA and Justice Grants Programs. The majority of funding supports organizations that provide legal services to low-income people, children, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, and others in New Hampshire who have limited access to, or representation in, the justice system. A smaller, but significant portion of funding supports public education about the law and the courts.

Justice Grants are funded by distributions from restricted and unrestricted endowed funds. Justice Grants are generally in the $500-$8,000 range. View Justice Society Funds.

IOLTA Grants are funded by revenue from the Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts Program. IOLTA Grants are generally $5,000 or more.

The Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Program provides funding to help alleviate law school loan debt for lawyers who practice in the public interest at selected New Hampshire nonprofit legal service organizations.